The Vinyl Cafe is a weekly radio show on CBC hosted by Stuart McLean. The show normally consists of stories interspersed by live musc. McLean is a master storyteller, usually revealing some personal recollections or idiosyncracies of the town where the show is being broadcast from that week, reading a story sent in from a reader, and finally narrating one of his celebrated Dave and Morley stories. The show is listened to by 750,000 North Americans every week, and has recently been picked up by BBC Radio 7. The nearest comparison to the show would be Garrison Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion, although personally I prefer McLean’s style, which is a little less sardonic that Keillor’s.

Dave and Morley are a fictional couple from Toronto with two kids, Stephanie and Sam. The title of the show comes from the name of the record store owned byDave. McLean’s stories relate to the misadventures of the family and their friends, and normally revolve in particular around the misadventures of the accident-prone Dave. A series of books have been published anthologising the stories from the show.

In 1996 McLean wrote a Christmas story for the show called ‘Dave Cooks the Turkey’. The story became so popular that it is now broadcast every Christmas due to popular demand, and has become a Canadian institution. The show was broadcast last Sunday and, thanks to CBC’s podcast archive, I can link to it here. Enjoy!

Dave Cooks the Turkey (approx. 20 minutes in duration)